Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I Love You but I’m Not in Love with You by Andrew G. Marshall | Bloomsbury

In our world, when we have introduced a concept like “Virtual Reality”, our actual life also revolves in a world which doesn’t exist, so in order to erode away the dust of confusion and dilemma Andrew G. Marshall has taken the baton in his hand and that too with extraordinary zeal and enthusiasm. This book on relationships is really the path breaker in dealing with such complex problems with utmost ease. Marshall has pretty vividly portrayed the minute aspects, ups and downs and swirl of emotions rising and falling inside human brain and not only that, he has provided apt solutions for the same too. He through his pen sometimes gets into the robe of a perfect counsellor, sometimes a true friend and sometimes the healer of emotional wounds. The seven steps which have been described in that book will really bring passion of love back in anyone’s life whosoever is passing through a phase of emotional trauma. A series delve through a very wide lens has been offered to the readers, to extremely complex relationship problems, with the flair of Marshall’s understanding and expertise.

A must read for every couple who is going through a lot of doubts and confusions regarding their relationship. This book can bring a new perspective towards their relationship and may provide if not best, then surely a better outlook towards each other. Every relationship deserves a second chance and this treatise can help couples find the fourth dimension towards a better sustainable relationship, so that, they may not lament over their “relationship status “ as “single” on social media.

Reviewed by Partho Mishra
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  1. Thanks for your kind review. Pleased my book has inspired you.