Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Are You Right For Me? by Andrew G. Marshall | Bloomsbury

A common boast among the youth today regarding relationships is “I deserve better”. Actually this has become a college slang these days, but looking beyond the childish notions of relationship, there is a major section of couples who are facing the same kind of dilemma in there serious, long and well established relationships, the rescuer named Andrew G. Marshall, addresses such complicated questions and offers the solution, wrapped in the layer of a better and healthy relationship. 

The book “Are You Right For Me?” offers a seven step principle, in understanding and getting clarity and commitment in relationships. This book will surely help those who think that something is not correct between two of them and also those who are trying to find the perfect soulmates for them. Written in an interactive and lucid way, without getting trapped in technicalities, it describes various issues on relationships with real life examples, of true couples, who faced the same kind of situation and drives you towards a better choice. When the life is so fast now and we have scarcity of even time, then it is obvious to get directionless but Marshall with his brilliance as marital therapist can show the path, vividly.

This book is worth reading once for everyone, because at some or the other point in life all of us face exactly the same kind of questions as mentioned in this book. The tough and dilemma centric issues on relationship needs some expert treatment and no one can do this better than Marshall, the pages in this book surely deserves the sight of your eyes, almost unavoidably!

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