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GODDESS by Laura Powell/ Bloomsbury

Reviews, Vol I, Issue IV

This piece of work by a very mesmerizing writer is surely a thriller and tells a story very different about an alternate London. The pen which was the cause behind the germination of an equally wonderful piece of writing “The Burn Mark” is once again the soul behind “The Goddess”. An aroma of suspense and hidden emotions swirl throughout the plot, a sense of fear and unwanted revelation can be felt in every line and in every word of this story which unfurls a completely new London in wrappers of secrets one after the other. A mixed feel of ancient era and a wonderful blend of modern times really take you to a different world much deeper into the plot. As you delve inside into the story, you start questioning many logical things and on the other hand start answering the unanswered questions. There is also a quest for love; in case you are looking for that but there also it arises some serious and intelligent questions which can guarantee to trigger your brain nerves. At first glimpse the plot may seem a slightly messy in parts but as you go on turning the pages, the hazy picture becomes clearer and you start exploring more and more and there lies the real beauty of this novel. It has that excellent potential to bind the readers and compel and persuade them to think independently on various issues raised by the protagonist and aided by various characters in the book. It tries to disclose as well as conceal the secrets of the cult which is somehow not right. Underneath plot there are many questions and themes which are so great that you cannot retrace yourself from appreciating their richness and feel their essence in today’s context.

The plot revolves around Aura, who leads her life as a handmaiden of Artemis. She is completely unaware that the life she is leading is how much privileged and luxurious. She also does not have any realization that the life outside the sanctuary is immensely difficult and poverty and grief stricken. She has no idea how bad things really are and it is like a heavy shock for her until Aiden the male lead introduces her to what is going on inside the sanctuary and outside, in the society. The whole scenario is crafted in London and is beautifully paced up throughout the plot except for those few areas which can obviously be ignored to preserve the greatness of this novel which serves for the readers of good taste. How far a society goes to prevent civil unrest? Power corrupts but can it ever be given up? Can a priestess ever be free to find love? All these and many more questions are raised very systematically without eroding the true layer of the elements which make up a classic novel. One of the most important things with this literary flower which has blossomed from the mind of Laura Powell is that it does not revolve around many locations but still it can stand if not tall then equal to novels which has lot of destinations involved. The plot has been so well organised and wonderfully researched that all the happenings seem to be real. Readers can also find it in the author’s note at the end if they desire to find more which I can say with assurance that they will. One other exciting feature of this story is that the corruption rooted through the water of religion in the heart of the city is exposed by a heroine this time.

If you are there on a hunt for a different and sensible taste for novels then by picking this one you can surely end up your hunt that too quite satisfactorily. I, on my behalf can assure all the readers that if you are looking for a piece of work which takes all human emotions necessary for a good novel and still raises prominent issues through questioning almost everything and opens the knots of mystery one after the other, then nothing matches parallel to this flamboyant flow of courage and delicacy portrayed on the canvas of a beautiful story.

Reviewed by Partho Mishra
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