Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Bravest Princess by Elizabeth Dawson Baker | Bloomsbury

Widely acclaimed for penning enthralling children’s fiction, Elizabeth Dawson Baker holds an immense capacity to captivate her readers and keep them hooked up until the end of her books. She has the expert capability of filling her readers' hearts with great enthusiasm with significant poise and ease. The Tales of the Frog Princess is one of her famous work that too keeps the readers attached to the story, until it's every suspense opens up and all the mysteries gets solved.

Her recent book The Bravest Princess is specialized for the children of the age group around twelve to fifteen years, but the grownups fascinated by fairy tales with interest in magic would also cherish this book. It is guaranteed that they won't be bored and will certainly find themselves lost in a world of magic, love and mysteries.

This book deals with the sweet love and romance of Princess Annie and Prince Liam along with the adventures that they go through while handling the situations that obstruct their way. Princess Annie, the younger sister of Sleeping Beauty is a very specially marked character in the novel with some special characteristics defining her character in a well-illustrated manner. She is completely detached from magic and has the proficiency to expose the real self of something or someone from the veil of magical spell, with her single touch and as a result of which all the other princess staying in the kingdom fear her presence around them, for whenever she's near them their real looks get exposed. The book starts with the marriage ceremony of Sleeping Beauty namely Gwendolyn and Beldgard, and then the story ameliorates to Helmswood, where Princess Annie and Prince Liam has a lot of sickening and shocking surprises in stock for them.

The only princess of Helmswood kingdom, Princess Snow White and Annie are shown to be best friends and a single "call for help" drives her best friend, Annie to Helmswood. At Helmswood Princess Annie gets a responsibility to help princess Snow White in order to choose the best groom for herself, who would probably prove to be the best suit for her, along with protecting herself from the terrifying dangers thrown by the wicked witches to harm her.

The Bravest Princess is a novel full of suspense, where each character is different from the other holding a unique dimension of thought process. Some exhibit distasteful villainous and monstrous behavior while some show generous, pleasant and desirous behavior. As a whole it is the kind of a book which raises the readers' ferment and keeps them indulged. However, all the expectancies of the readers are revealed only at the end of the book giving all answers to the questions raised during the process of storytelling.

However, some parts of the story of The Bravest Princess remain untold, but the adventures keep unfolding till the end. It has the hilarious and endearing elements which keeps the stimulating passion of the readers alive. The journey of this book is certainly a refreshing one.  

Reviewed by Anamika Banerjee
Anamika is doing her Graduation from P. K. Roy Memorial College, Dhanbad, Jharkhand. 

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