Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon/ Bloomsbury

Reviews, Vol I, Issue III
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Once again gold is touched through the pen of Samantha Shannon. Flamboyant and graceful imagination is portrayed by her second sequel this time more vibrantly and though it is the second script of The Bone Season still it has a rich freshness and undiluted taste for the readers, a true treat of science fiction blended exuberantly with the flavour of fantasy, adventure, blood and glimpses of future era. She has engraved a whole new genre, if not exaggerated as those characters like Paige Mahony and many thrilling ones have that uncanny ability to transport the readers to a new world of suspense and dark secrets which will compel you to want more .

The book posseses a magnetic charm which can bind the readers for a ride very adventurous and never ending excitement. Shannon is successful in bringing so many facets of a brilliant fantasy novel under one title .The readers who loved books like The Da Vinci Code, The ever charming Harry Potter or the books by Sherlock Homes are bound to appreciate the beauty of this novel. If I say in words of a true fan, then the void left by Harry Potter can be filled by Paige Mahony.

In this plot, Paige Mahony has escaped the brutal prison camp. But, now her problems have just started to multiply along with her many of the survivors are missing and Paige is the most wanted person in London now. Scion is now much vigilant and is keeping an eye on the dream-walker. As it advances, the mime lords and mime queens are invited to a rare meeting of the Unnatural Assembly, there vivid and picturesque showcasing of future generation which at one moment seems to be real. Jaxon Hall and his seven seals are all set to take the centre stage. But as it should be there are bitter fault lines throughout the clairvoyant community and the fate of underworld is yet to be decided. Yes it is a bit hazy and complex in parts but that is only a trace and be relaxed it has not broken the rythm. The flawless aroma of dark secrets everywhere and still there are hints to break the shackles of suspense and mystery which fades away as the width of the pages shift to the left.

One prominent thing which Shannon has successfully done is to make you believe that all the tunnels, drones, and the surroundings really exists in the same manner as that of R.K. Narayan’s Malgudi Days though two of them are completely different masterpieces but the intense flavour of making you believe what you read is somehow alike which ultimately makes it an excellent work. It seems so real in some parts that you can actually see yourself in the plot. Through this work she has unfurled her exceptional ability of storytelling which can mesmerize people of all ages and of all times. As you read through the lines you want to read it at once, that’s the beauty it has. There are many reasons to pick this novel, one being to revive the nostalgia of fantasy thrillers and explore more this time. Through this you will be on a journey which I can also assure that you can experience which takes you to a new world which suddenly seems real. A book which is so magnificient that it seems why so late but history repeats itself and I guess it is the next phenomena and is bound to hit the bestsellers gallery. Breaking the monotony and about to create history this time it is none other than this recipe presented by Samantha Shannon in an extraordinary manner. It is really a thing not to be missed and is really a cherishable thing of our times, which is guaranteed to be tasted again and again every time with a new flavour and imagination.

Reviewed by Partho Mishra
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