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No Time for Goodbyes by Andaleeb Wajid / Bloomsbury

From - Reviews, Vol I, Issue II

Love stories are in the air these days; yet Andaleeb Wajid’s No time for Goodbyes, a love story and the first book from her trilogy series is unique, intense and crisp in every sense. She does not dissolves in the air, rather, makes her presence intense and memorable through her creative impulsiveness.

The most strengthening part of Wajid’s novel is, that the readers will find it irresistible and difficult to stop once they get into the narrative.

Andaleeb’s narration is lucid and evocative as well. As per the storyline, the protagonist Tamanna, a typical mundane teenager of 2012 finds herself in a turn of events in 1982 in the past of her mother; where she meets Manoj, a friend of her mother, and falls in love with him.

But every love story has its astounding element and this has too.  How will it work out between them if Tamanna has to return?  That’s a surprise and mystery for the readers.
Andaleeb Wajid excels in characterization and has beautifully carved each character including Suma, Ajji and others. Readers will fall in love with the character of Manoj, as Tamanna falls for him.

Tamanna is a victim of OCD, a compulsive disorder which makes one laugh even at tough times. The book is enriched with humor and encourages the craving for more.  The basic element of this novel remains in time travel but it has not been described clearly, keeping in mind that it’s a love story and not a sci-fi. The narration could have been more memorable.

The first part of the book is entertaining but after some time its magic starts fading away, slightly. Most of the plot is set in the environment of 1982 wherein the description of old and new Bangalore is unforgettable.  The readers will find it soothing to experience the past with a feeling of déjà-vu. The novel has been written to attract the teenagers and youth. A well-executed book with crisp story and a firm plot. All you need is a cup of coffee with it and the plot will be imprinted in your mind for a long time.

I am looking forward to read the second book from the trilogy.

Reviewed by Shubham Pradeep
Shubham is pursuing his Graduation in Physics Honors from Dhanbad, Jharkhand. He can be reached at shubhamp04@gmail.com

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